What is macrame?


Macrame is an ancestral technique which consists in combining different types of knots to make a fabric. It is believed that macrame was brought to Europe by the Arabs through Spain during the Moorish conquest. But before that, it was widely used by the Babylonians and the Assyrians.

This technique can be used to make all kinds of different items, like carpets, belts, bags, lamps or hammocks. Depending on the thickness of the cord or thread you use, the knots will turn out bigger or smaller, which can be useful to make big things like furnishings, or smaller and more precise, like jewelry.

Macrame is a very versatile technique, as it offers the possibility to combine many different knots in many different ways to achieve varied results. You never stop learning it!

To make our pieces, we use this traditional technique. Over the years, we have developed our own style in order to make unique and modern jewels. Our goal is to create original complements that you can use in an everyday basis but with a touch of originality.


Process of creation

Our work starts with the inspiration we get from natural gemstones. We love to work with them because they are very powerful, as they contain the energy of the Earth. All the gemstones we use for our creations are of the highest quality.

Before starting knotting, we explore different designs that can fit a particular gemstone and we choose the colors that we will use to keep its chromatic harmony. The gemstones have a channel carved around so that we can securely attach the threads to it without using glue. As the macrame technique consists in knotting, each knot stretches more and more the threads around the stone.

We use high quality polyester waxed thread as it is the most resistant to assure the durability of our jewels. Also, this kind of thread makes the jewels waterproof and allows you to wash it with water and a brush to keep it in its best condition.

Other materials we use are silver plated buckles and shell buttons for the bracelet's endings, ceramic beads and silver chains for the necklaces and silver hooks for the earrings.

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